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Skin Exfoliation Mistakes to Never Ever Make

You may hardly ever think that exfoliation can do any harm to your skin and you may not find any mistake in it. This is not to make you scared, but to keep you aware! By avoiding some of your activities your skin can be healthier than if you keep doing them.

One of the exfoliating mistakes is exfoliating more often than needed. Dry skin will become drier and oily skin too much oily. Noticing it you start exfoliating every day. Don’t do it! Do it twice a week and you will see how skin changes and becomes better.

Right after shower use moisturizer. After exfoliating it is mandatory to moisturize skin otherwise skin can get irritated.

Avoid exfoliating when your skin is dry. For moving dead cells from the surface of skin, it must be wetted either with a body brush or with sponge. When you stop doing exfoliation on your dry skin, risky and painful activities will be over on your body.

Avoid long term scrubbing. Exfoliate gently. Don’t scrub your face hard. Face is the gentlest part on the body. Exfoliating activity should last 10-15min.  You may not feel much difference doing it harder or longer but after years you will regret. So keep all these in mind while taking care of your skin.

When you buy the exfoliating product read “Content Ingredients”. You don’t need any big chemical ingredient included in it. What you really need are natural and simple ingredients. Some miracles are made in simple ways.

Just like your face, your neck, chest knees also need exfoliation. And just like your face all these body parts need gentle scrub with gentle product and for short durations. For some harder parts they can last longer but still take care of every body part to be smooth and soft for longer time.

You mustn’t exfoliate when you hurt any part on your body. Stop all these activities to avoid bigger problems in these circumstances.

Bye-bye irritation and rushes. Hello smooth and soft body!

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