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Trendy Vests to Wear This Spring

Vests are one of the street styles for spring 2014. Spring is an adorable season and the sunny days are so pleasant. They allow us pull off all sorts of outfits from short dresses to skirts and nice shorts. You may easily experiment with each of them and find the best style for your look.

Last year the designers paired the chic outfits with floral-printed and polychromatic scarves. Glamorous accessories also adorned their clothes. This spring makes several innovations in this trend.

You will be able to choose among the great variety of trendy vests and wear them this spring. Vests are an ideal outfit to wear in the street. Trendy vests appear in various tones, such as white and black. You may also go for denim and fur vests.

Get your inspiration from these trendy vests and pull them off for spring 2014.

Pull off a white top and wear a trendy vest over it, pairing them with comfortable pants and high heels. Match your outfit with several stylish accessories, such as bracelets, necklaces and sunglasses and go out on a sunny day.

If it’s warm outside and you want to wear something trendy and cool, you may combine a short denim vest with a black or red dress and add a chic handbag. Right accessories will complete your stunning look.

If you want to pull off something for every day wearing, you may go for a black vest and match it with a short white dress. A black chained clutch and a pair of black shoes will be ideal with your trendy outfits.

You may also opt for colorful vests and wear denim shorts with them or choose fur vests to feel warm.

After having a look at the best options of trendy vests, you will look modern and chic for spring 2014.

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