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Five Surprising Diet Downfalls

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Most of us work at minimum to maintain our weight, or possibly lose. And sometimes it seems that no matter what we do, those pounds stay stubbornly in place. We have ditched the sodas, the ice cream, and the potato chips. What could be lurking around wreaking havoc on all your hard work?

Here are five hidden speed bumps along the road to a healthier weight:

  • Reduced-fat or fat free foods – Sure, the label screams less or no fat, but double-check the rest of those contents. Oftentimes there can be added calories and sodium. Not to mention the fact that we tend to eat more of these foods.
  • Fat-free diets – It’s not a good idea to cut out fat altogether. However, adding sources of healthy fats such as salmon or avocados is important for overall health. Fats help your body absorb certain vitamins more effectively and it helps you feel full.
  • Turkey bacon – There seems to be bacon everywhere lately. And a lot of people are flocking to turkey bacon as a ‘healthier’ alternative. The sodium count alone is alarming; and most of us are aware that too much sodium can lead to bloating and water retention among other perils.
  • Pre-made salads – Whether they are from the grocery store or a fast food restaurant, be extra careful. If your choice includes fried chicken tenders, ranch dressing, cheese, and croutons, you’d be better off eating the kids’ size cheeseburger. Scary!
  • Less fruit – We have heard all our lives that fruit is healthy, and in moderation, it certainly is (especially whole fruits as opposed to sugar-laden juices). But fruit can be high in sugars. Make sure to choose ones that are higher in nutrients and lower in sugar such as avocados and berries.

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