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Summer Fashion for the Office

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Dressing for a professional office in these summer temperatures can be trying at best. Not only is it hot as blazes outside, but sometimes the office can be a rather chilly 65 degrees indoors. How does one dress for such a range but still stay professional?

The first point I should make is to Know Your Office. These tips may not apply to all office dress codes, so make sure to double-check before you find out the hard way that flipflops are not allowed.

Here are a few tips that should apply for most offices, and will help keep you temperature-regulated as well!

  • Sleeveless dresses or tops with a thin cardigan.
  • Cap sleeves are a good alternative to sleeveless if you are not ready to completely bare your shoulders.
  • Peep-toe pumps are a slightly ventilated alternative to close-toed heels. It is amazing how much of a difference that little bit of air circulation can make.
  • Cropped pants can be a good alternative, as long as they are more like slacks and less like beach wear. My personal favorite pair are khaki with noticeable cuffs, and I make a point to wear them with heels to avoid looking too casual.
  • One of the biggest debates is bare legs – for this one, go with the general feel of your office but definitely skip the tights. If you cannot go bare-legged, opt for a sheer skin tone shade of hose.
  • Do be careful with linen. While it is a perfect summer material, it can start to wrinkle if you look at it cross-eyed. And wrinkled clothes are not professional in any office setting.
  • Dresses are a great option. Whether you opt for sheath, wrap, or shift, make it easy and breezy.

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