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Delicious Breakfast Ideas for a Weight Loss Plan


Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day, but having a meal rich in calories and fats can actually prevent the hard work that you do to lose some weight. So if you are planning to make some changes in your daily menu, make sure you pay attention to what you eat for breakfast as well. Moreover, take a look at the delicious options presented below and enjoy a tasty breakfast that will aid your weight loss program!

Oatmeal and Fruits
Low in calories and fat yet rich in nutrients, oatmeal is one of the best alternatives for breakfast. Besides, you can enjoy this delicious meal mixed with any fruit of your preference and get the best of taste and nutrition!

Low-Calorie Cereal
Pay attention to what type of cereal you opt for in order to gain only the needed amount of calories. Of course, low-fat cereals aren’t as tasty as the other types but you can easily change that by adding some fruit slices!


Yes, you can actually include bagels in your breakfast menu as long as you avoid the ones that are offered at the coffee shops. Have a whole-grain bagel with cream cheese or smoked salmon — those are filling and will provide enough energy to take you through lunch.

Light Omelet
You may wonder how this can be, as eggs usually are out of any diet menu but there is actually a way to keep enjoying your favorite omelet! Thus, use only the whites of the eggs for your omelet, follow adding some veggies in and enjoy!

Another easy option for a low-calorie breakfast can be a toast made of grapes, honey, strawberries etc.


Low-fat Waffles
If you cannot resist the taste of waffles then at least stick with low-fat ones and pay special attention to your topping. Go for fruit toppings like blueberries and add a drizzle of honey or agave syrup for taste.

Healthy Smoothies
A smoothie made at home can actually be a great option for a weight loss breakfast menu. Thus, blend together your favorite fruits, low-fat Greek yogurt and skimmed milk and start your day with a tasty low-calorie meal!

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