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Secrets for Healthy Hair from Professionals

One day, all of us face the problem of taking extra care of our hair, as the dust and pollution in the air, all the chemicals in products spoil the look of it, so want it or not you have to think carefully about hair care! But the sad thing is that when you want to buy something that promises to recover hair, it contains no less chemicals, and in a while you realize that you should do it on your own to have a good result and not even an aggravated state! If you don’t know where and how to start with, check out these secrets for healthy hair from professionals!

Secrets for Healthy Hair from Professionals

Stop Shampooing

If you are used to washing your hair every day with shampoo don’t be surprised that your hair doesn’t have shine and strength it had ones! It’s time to quit using shampoo every day. All the professionals claim it and many people have done an experiment with this advice and it definitely helps. Just try it from some time and you will notice the result.

Go for A Good Brush

Don’t ignore the fact of buying a good brush, as it matters a lot for having healthy hair. You should know that a brush that has bristles covered with heavy-duty plastic and that have plastic tips is the best. Brush your hair gently and don’t tear it. Moreover, there are also mason brushes that nourish the hair due to the boar bristles that they have!

Comb Gently

When you are out of bathroom don’t take the brush and start combing hair. Professionals don’t advise to comb hair when it is wet as hair is very weak at that time and you will just tear it all. Anyway, if you don’t have an alternative, don’t brush from roots down to the ends. Take a detangling comb and brush gently from middle towards down to the ends. This way your hair will not suffer!

Secrets for Healthy Hair from Professionals

Skip Sulfates

You may happen to see that there are many hair products now that claim to be sulfates free. That’s not just an ingredient missing, but a very harming one for your hair. Sulfates make your hair lose shine, the natural or dyed color, break it very soon. This means that you should read the ingredients very carefully and throw away everything that contains sulfates.

Be Different

This last advice is very strange but very important for your hair care! So, many pros advise to change your hairstyle from time to time and not to stick to one and the same type every day. Especially if you are wearing ponytails or using hair ties very often, you should cut its usage, as for example ponytails weaken the roots of your hair thus making it easily get broken. Therefore, be different for the sake of your hair, and why not, for your beauty too!

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