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Top Celebrity Beauty Secrets to Try

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Follow the best celebrity beauty secrets and create your ravishing and whimsical look. Get inspired by such celebrities as Estelle, Selita Ebanks and others.

1.    Petra Nemcova’s Beauty Secrets

Petra Nemcova recommends going for different creams in order to get all their best qualities. This celebrity also advises to use hair masks. You may try the following homemade recipe. Mix egg yolk, olive oil and apply it on your hair. Leave this mask on your hair for about an hour than wash. Your hair will be provided with the required protein and oil.

Top Celebrity Beauty Secrets to Try

2.    Estelle’s Beauty Secrets

Here is another beauty secret, recommended by Estelle. She advises to pull your hair up and tie it with a scarf. Estelle goes for different types of headscarves to create a trendy look for any occasion.

Top Celebrity Beauty Secrets to Try

3.    Linda Cardellini’s Beauty Secrets

Linda Cardellini shares her beauty secret with us. She advises to pay much attention to your skin moisturizing. The great actress gives preference to Vitamin E and grape seed oil. Coconut oil will also moisturize your skin.

Top Celebrity Beauty Secrets to Try

4.    Selita Ebanks’ Beauty Secrets

Selita Ebanks’ beauty secret is really worth trying. This celebrity gives us one of the best homemade remedies for hair. She recommends blending mayonnaise, egg yolks and argan oil, which you should apply on hair. Its effect is great, in spite of the unpleasant odor. You will have shiny and healthy hair.

Top Celebrity Beauty Secrets to Try

5.    Archie Panjabi’s Beauty Secrets

If you have thin hair and want to make it thicker, go for Archie Panjabi’s beauty secret. Apply coconut oil on your hair, leave it for several hours and then rinse with lukewarm water. The coconut oil is an ideal variant to get lustrous hair.

Top Celebrity Beauty Secrets to Try

6.    Fatima Siad’s Beauty Secrets

Hair conditioning is very essential for Fatima Siad. If you have curly hair, then it is more inclined to be dry. In this case you should use a conditioner. The famous model also changes her hair products very frequently.

Top Celebrity Beauty Secrets to Try

7.    Emily Vancamp’s Beauty Secrets

Emily Vancamp provides us with one of the easy and healthy beauty tricks. She drinks plenty of water, sleeps for 8 hours and that’s all. This beauty secret will give you a fresh and healthy look.

Top Celebrity Beauty Secrets to Try

8.    Jaime King’s Beauty Secrets

Exfoliate your skin for a beautiful look. It’s Jaime King’s strong recommendation. In this case a washcloth may be a great help to you. It will remove the toxins from your skin and hydrate it, providing you with a soft and glossy skin.

Top Celebrity Beauty Secrets to Try

9.    Kristen Bell’s Beauty Secrets

Kristen Bell recommends fighting against wrinkles from the early age. Don’t wait until these disgusting wrinkles appear on your face. Think of it beforehand. Take a good care of your skin, go for high-quality moisturizers. Eye creams will also create wonders.

Top Celebrity Beauty Secrets to Try

10.  Guiliana Rancic’s Beauty Secrets

Guiliana Rancic is for little makeup use. She considers that it will help you have a flawless skin. If you look after your skin and apply little makeup, your skin will surely be prevented from wrinkles.

Thus, we have picked up the best celebrity beauty secrets for you. Opt for them and be proud of your healthy and fresh skin.

Top Celebrity Beauty Secrets to Try

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