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How to Apply Powder and Cream Blush

By no means, many women apply blush on their faces to create a beautiful makeup look. The key is to apply it in the right way. First, you should pay much attention to the type of brush. Here we distinguish between powder and cream blushes. It’s up to you to decide which of the blushes to choose.

There are special rules on how to apply powder and cream blushes. Consider each of them separately.

How to Apply Cream Blush

In case you apply a cream blush, you will get a natural, soft and lustrous look. You may apply cream blush both on your clear and moisturized skin. You are advised to go for a foundation brush for the cream blush application.

  • Put a little blush on your brush.
  • Place several dots on your cheekbones with your brush.
  • Mix these dots and go upwards.
  • Create soft color on your cheeks. Consider that you may go wrong if you apply too much blush on your cheeks, as it will be difficult to get rid of the excessive blush color.
  • A little powder all over the face will make your blush stay in place.

How to Apply Powder Blush

It doesn’t take you much time and effort to apply powder blush. Just learn the following techniques and have a natural look. Before applying a powder blush, make sure your face is clean or has a moisturizing product on it. In this case you are recommended opting for a round and large brush.

  • Twist the brush in your blush and then get rid of the excess amount from your brush.
  • Apply the blush on your cheeks with circular movements and go upwards.
  • To have a glowing look, spread the blush on your nose, forehead and chin, as well.
  • A light powder will keep your blush in place.

So, create your soft makeup look by the right application of powder and cream blushes.

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