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Healthy Vegan Smoothie Recipes

Vegan smoothies are considered to be one of the best substitutes for meals. These meals have nothing to do with animal products. You can surely get all the necessary nutrients for your body from vegan smoothies. You just should include nuts, seeds, banana and nut butters in your daily nutrient plan, which are high in protein and carbs. Besides, vegan smoothies are very healthy and tasty.

1.    Peanut Butter and Banana Vegan Smoothie Recipe

Usually, banana is the most important ingredient in vegan smoothies. It is a real source of energy. You had better use frozen bananas in a chopped form (2). You may also put spinach and dates (4), chia seeds (1tbsp) and peanut butter (1tbsp), milk (1/2 cup) and water (1/2 cup) into your smoothie. Dates are high in fiber, chia is full of fats and peanut butter is rich in protein. This vegan smoothie has a sweet and pleasant taste. Mix all these ingredients together in a blender, wait for 3-5 minutes and enjoy its delicious taste.

2.    Lime Pie Vegan Smoothie Recipe

To prepare this tasty vegan smoothie, you will need milk (2 cups), raw cashews (1/4 cup), lime juice (4 tbsp), avocado (1/2), spinach (2), banana in a frozen form (1), coconut butter (2 tbsp), chia seeds (2 tbsp), vanilla, lime zest (1) and honey. Cashews will provide you with protein, coconut and chia seeds are rich in fats, while spinach and bananas contain many vitamins. Get a creamy smoothie by blending all the ingredients in a blender.

3.    Strawberry, Avocado and Spearmint Vegan Smoothie Recipe

If you are seeking for a light meal, you had better prepare this splendid smoothie. Strawberry gives a pleasant taste to the smoothie. Besides, it has a rejuvenating feature. This smoothie is high in healthy fats, which is due to the avocado. Avocados also provides the smoothie with luscious texture. Spearmint and strawberries are high in healthy vitamins.

To make this delicious smoothie you will need frozen banana (1/2), strawberries divided into two parts (2 cups), spearmint (3), coconut water (1 ½ cups), avocado (1/2), dates (without stone) and ice cubes. Mix them in a blender and serve.

4.    Banana and Chocolate Vegan Smoothie Recipe

This smoothie may be considered a delicious shake. You can have this healthy smoothie both for breakfast and dinner. Having this smoothie, you will forget about hunger for a long time. It is rich in proteins and antioxidants. To make this splendid vegan smoothie you should take banana (1/2), chocolate powder (1 scoop), chocolate almond milk (1 cup), baking cocoa and ice cubes. Mix them together and your shake is ready.

5.    Mango and Ice Cream Vegan Smoothie Recipe

If you use ice cream in your smoothie, it is already tasty. To make your smoothie become creamy, you should add almond butter (1/4 cup). It will provide you with proteins and fats. Mango (2 cups) will give you healthy vitamins. Maple syrup (1/3 cup) is necessary for your smoothie. You may also go for frozen banana and stevia. Add water (1/2 cup) and mix them in a blender.

6.    Blueberry Muffin Vegan Smoothie Recipe

This smoothie can be a great substitution for breakfast. You should leave the ingredients (except for the blueberry) of this smoothie during the whole night and then mix. To make a blueberry muffin smoothie you should have almond milk (1 ½ cup), blueberries (1/2 cup), oats (2 tbsp), vanilla extract (1tsp), protein powder (1 tbsp) and chia seeds (1tbsp). Protein powder is rich in protein, chia seeds contain fats, oats are high in fiber and blueberries are filled with vitamins. Finally, blend all the ingredients together and serve this fantastic smoothie.

7.    Green Orange and Greamsicle Vegan Smoothie Recipe

To make the smoothie creamy you should add vegan sour cream or yogurt. They are high in protein and vitamins.

To make this fabulous vegan smoothie, you should use spinach, oranges in a chopped form (4 cups), zest of orange (1 tsp), dates (9), vanilla (2 tsp), ice cubes (2 c), sour cream (1 c) or vegan yogurt and water (2 c). Mix them well and try.

8.     Strawberry Shortcake Vegan Smoothie Recipe

Strawberries are rich in antioxidants and dates are high in fiber. Protein powder also contains fiber and ground flax seeds are filled with fats. To make this delicious strawberry shortcake smoothie you should have strawberries in a frozen form (3 cups), almond milk (1 ½ cups), dates (3), ground falxseeds (1 tbsp), vegan protein powder (1 tbsp), vanilla extract (2 teaspoons) and maca powder (1 teaspoon). Mix them well and that’s all.

9.    Cherry Almond Vegan Smoothie Recipe

Mix cherry and almond and enjoy its great taste. Add almond butter and protein powder and get all the necessary nutrients for your body. For this fabulous smoothie you will need cherries (1 cup), vanilla protein powder (1 scoop), almond butter (2 tsp), almond extract (1 tsp), maca powder (1/2 tsp), water or milk (1 cup), ice cubes and guar gum (1/2 tsp). Blend all these ingredients and enjoy your delicious smoothie.

Have smoothies instead of meals, as they are healthy, tasty and quite easy to prepare. Just have a blender and your vegan smoothie will be ready.

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