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Best Style Tips for Very Skinny Girls

Tired of looking for the perfect style for your body type? Well, there is no need to feel frustrated anymore as here we present some special, useful fashion tips for very slim girls that will change your life and turn the whole getting dressed process into a fun duty! Thus, take a look and find out what are the do’s and the don’ts for slim girls.

Avoid Baggy Clothes

From the first sight it seems that baggy clothes can actually help but that’s not true. Baggy clothes even more emphasize you tininess, as they look too big just as if they were borrowed from someone else who’s not the same size as you.

Tailor When Needed

The best solution for dealing with clothes that aren’t fitting well is to tailor them as this way you make the outfit that you look just perfect on you!

Detailed Designs

Ok, if you consider yourself very slim and you spotted yourself facing trouble, when choosing the right outfits for you, just follow the golden rule: use various designing details in order to create the illusion of a shape! Easy, isn’t it?

Simple Tops

Always remember, anything with too much fabric and layering can actually make you look lost in your clothes. A problem which is not something that you wanted in the first place! Thus, when it comes to choosing tops, go for simple ones with few designing details on and you won’t fail.


Jeans are the best friends of a slim girl! Especially skinny and ultra-skinny jeans really do miracles!


A flattering coat can also be a great way to hide your tininess. In this case all you have to do is pay attention to the form of the coat, which you are about to wear and make sure it complements your height as well!

Vintage Style

Yes, don’t be surprised! Vintage style can actually be a good alternative for very slim girls! Pay special attention to the 60’s inspired fashion trends and rock a vintage style while creating the illusion of a perfect silhouette!

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