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Great Fashion Choices Based on Skin Tone

Woman choosing clothes

Now that we have established what your underlying skin tone is, not only will it make choosing makeup easier, but also clothing!

I think for the most part we gravitate towards colors that flatter our skin tone.  For example, l’ll never walk up to anything orange in a clothing store.  But I will inevitably go through almost everything in any shade of blue or purple.

If you have difficulty choosing the colors that make you feel good, here are a few tips:

  • It is the same methods as we used to determine the skin tone for makeup – do you prefer gold jewelry or silver?  Do you look better in ivory or white?
  • The colors that look good against your skin tone have nothing to do with saturation.  If you look good in warm tones, you will look good in any shade of yellow or orange.  If you look better in cool tones, you will look good in any shade of blue or purple.
  • And remember, even if you want to wear red you can.  Just remember to choose the right undertone, a blue-based red or an orange-based red.
  • Keep in mind that the depth of color that is most flattering will be mostly dependent on your preference as well as your overall coloring.  The depth of your pigmentation will mostly determine what level of color you prefer – pastel tones or jewel tones.

Once you figure out how to shop for your skin tone, you will discover that you spend more wisely.  No more wasted money on clothing that just does not flatter you.  You will end up with a wardrobe full of clothing that you always feel good wearing.  And that is a good expenditure every time!

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