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Alternatives to Brown-Bagging Your Lunch

Healthy wraps in a tupperware

Sure, a turkey sandwich is fine for the 200th day in a row, but are you looking to jazz up that brown bag lunch? Here are a few ways to perk up the lunch hour without breaking the budget.

  • Take that turkey on a roll. Instead of your normal two slices of whole wheat bread, take all of your ingredients and roll them into a whole wheat tortilla instead. It’s a simple change that can jazz up the whole meal.
  • Flip the greens. If you normally take a simple salad, you can change that up too. Instead of iceberg, try spinach instead. Not only do you get an extra boost of vitamins from the darker green, the additional fiber and protein will help keep you fuller longer.
  • Mix it up. For another simple change, try a new dressing or cheese on either your sandwich or your salad. For your sandwich, try a hit of herby ranch dressing and a slice of creamy Havarti cheese. In your salad, change out the ranch for a spicy jalapeno vinaigrette and diced pepper jack cheese.
  • If you are looking for something completely different, a great make-ahead option is a burrito bowl. Make the rice and shred a pre-cooked rotisserie chicken the night before. You can top the pair with almost anything that sounds good – salsa, shredded cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, and guacamole are delicious.
  • One of my favorite meals whether I’m at home or at work is a light and refreshing cheese and fruit plate. The best thing about this option is the unlimited variety.  You could have it daily and never have the same mix twice. I love Brie, French bread, apple slices, and mixed greens with oil and vinegar.

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