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Maximise Your Makeup Based on Skin Tone

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Almost all of the makeup you choose to wear is best chosen based on the undertone of your skin and the base tones of the makeup. For example, you are probably aware that you look better in pink blush or peach blush but rarely the opposite one.

  • First things first. What exactly is skin tone? It actually does not mean the amount of pigment in your skin (fair versus ebony). It really refers to the undertone of your skin – cool or warm or neutral.
  • One of the easiest ways to determine the basic tone of your skin is to examine the veins in your arm in good natural light. If they are more blue or purple, you are probably on the cool side. If they are more green, you are probably in the warm spectrum. If you can’t really tell blue or green, you are probably neutral.
  • You can also consider how your skin reacts to the sun. If you tend to tan easily, you are probably warm-toned. If you burn more, you are probably cool-toned.
  • You probably naturally gravitate towards either gold or silver jewelry. Gold means you are probably more warm; silver means you are probably more cool.

Once you have determined the basic underlying skin tone, it can make choosing almost any type of makeup easier. Everything from foundation and concealer to a highlighter to lipstick can be chosen based on that information.

That is not to say that you won’t still have a wide variety to choose from. Everything from a peach blush to a golden highlighter to a coral lipstick are suitable for warm toned. Anything with a blue base works for cool tones, pale pink eyeshadow and true red lipstick for example.

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