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Using Highlighters at Any Age

Woman removing makeup in mirror

Same as shimmery eyeshadows, highlighters are a great way to emphasize certain features but we should be smart about using them to accentuate the positive.


  • I think the true irony is the fact that twenty-something skin already has that youthful glow but is also the most suited for using a highlighter product generously.
  • Be smart and minimal during the daytime when your natural glow is at its peak.
  • For going out, whether it’s a date or a night with the girls, you can be more generous. If you are new to using a highlighter, start simple. One of the easiest applications is the “C” shape around the outside of your eye area, from above the brow bone around the outside of your eye and then down along your cheekbone. Make those peepers pop!


  • It is probably time to reduce the amount of actual shimmer or glitter in your highlighter of choice. Glitter is fine for certain decades of your life, but as you move into your thirties, it is time to move towards a glow instead.
  • A touch at the top of your cheekbone can lift the whole face, and dabbing a touch on the inner corners of your eyes can make you look like you got that full eight hours of sleep.

Forties, Fifties, and Sixties

  • At a certain age, our skin starts to lose its radiance and its elasticity. Appropriate use of a highlighter can certainly bring some of that light back but be sparing.
  • The inner corners of the eye is still a great place to add highlighter, especially if you have deep-set eyes to begin with.

Also make sure to choose a highlighter that suits your skin type, powder for oilier skin and cream for drier skin.

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