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Category Archives: Nails

Lovely Valentine’s Day Nail Art Ideas

As the holiday season ends, we all start getting ready for yet another gorgeous day, which is all about emotions, love and heartbeats! Valentine’s Day is the perfect time of the year when you maximum feel love in the air, start appreciating the one beside you even more and get totally romantic. Preparations for this […]

Best Spring Nail Trends to Try Now

Looking for inspiring ideas that will help you to create the best look for the upcoming spring season? Well, let’s not forget that getting your nails done is one of the most important tasks when it comes to creating a stylish, flawless look and that is one of the main reasons why we decided to […]

DIY Santa Nail Art Designs for Christmas

Christmas is already near, which means that you should think about your appearance. You shouldn’t forget about your nails, as well. Thus, you may choose among these DIY Santa nail art designs for Christmas. To create fantastic nail art designs is not obligatory to go to expensive salons and spend much money. You will be […]

Best Foods for Stronger, Healthier Nails

Lack of nutrition may cause damage to your nails. Your nails will brittle easily. Cold weather may also diminish the strength of your nails. Thus, to get stronger and healthier nails, you are recommended consider the following best foods. Bananas for Stronger and Healthier Nails Bananas are considered one of the best foods for healthy […]

Nail Care Tips: How to Get Healthy, Beautiful Nails

Winter will soon come, which means that we should get ready for many interesting and funny holidays. One of the first things we should do is taking care of our nails. To have healthy and beautiful nails is not difficult if you consider the best nail care tips. Provide Your Nails with Hydration To have […]

101 Cute Christmas Nail Designs for the Festive Season

So everyone’s favorite Christmas time is so close now! As the days are getting closer, the faster our hearts start beating, our houses get filled with excitement and we all go for changes, both in our lifestyle and plans, as well as in our appearances. Getting a new gorgeous dress, planning a cool hairstyle and […]