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101 Cute Christmas Nail Designs for the Festive Season

So everyone’s favorite Christmas time is so close now! As the days are getting closer, the faster our hearts start beating, our houses get filled with excitement and we all go for changes, both in our lifestyle and plans, as well as in our appearances. Getting a new gorgeous dress, planning a cool hairstyle and makeup, you should definitely also think about your festive nails! Check out these 101 cute Christmas nail art designs for utterly chic looks throughout the festive season to come!

Every little bit of Christmas is wonderful, from the crisp white snow outdoors, the sparkling Christmas tree, the cozy winter clothing pieces, the cute snowman and the Santa Clause, sneaking into the houses with much-awaited gifts. You’ll want to picture all this charm on your nails to show your love for the festive season and inject some fun into your daily monotonous looks. Therefore, you can definitely try Christmas tree printed nails, snowman-inspired nail designs, or simple nail art designs featuring the iconic prints of your cozy sweater.

Ideas for Christmas nails are endless. You just have to determine your style and own preferences and pick a look that matches your festive outfit. If you are preparing to stay home on this important day, go for Christmas nail designs that feature fun prints and patterns that are colorful and vibrant. On the other hand, I you are invited to a glam party and are going to wear a sophisticated dress or gown, try to keep things minimal and play with more glitter, rather than patterns. In case you lack inspiration, skip through these cool 101 Christmas nail designs and pick the best style for you!

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