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Easy Makeup Tips for Bigger, Brighter Eyes

As we all know, emphasized, bright eyes can be considered the key to success for a perfect makeup. Of course, the dilemma is how to create such effect and at the same time avoid making the whole look overwhelming. Well, believe it or not the solution is quiet easy and doesn’t require a lot of hard working. So, if you want to find out how to make your eyes look brighter, simply follow reading below and find out few easy steps that will help you to achieve the desired results in a short amount of time!

So, first of all you need to pay special attention to the mascara that you are about to use. You may need to opt for mascara that guarantees volume and length in order to add the required dramatic touch to your look. Thus, once you have the needed one start by applying the mascara in the very beginning of the whole process in order to see the contrast that you will need to work with later.

Next, fill in your brows starting from the outer corners with the help of a dark pencil in order to give the needed definition to your eyes. Once you’ve done that use a beige pencil to go over your lower lush line and then a blue pencil to brighten up the whites of the eye.  Lastly, simply apply a neutral shade in the center of the lid in order to make visible the contrast of the needed areas.

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