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Best Foods for Stronger, Healthier Nails

Lack of nutrition may cause damage to your nails. Your nails will brittle easily. Cold weather may also diminish the strength of your nails. Thus, to get stronger and healthier nails, you are recommended consider the following best foods.

Bananas for Stronger and Healthier Nails

Bananas are considered one of the best foods for healthy nails. They provide your nails with biotin, which make your weak nails stronger. The specialists claim that the lack of vitamin H will make your nails brittle. Thus, you had better use bananas to get the necessary amount of biotin for your nails. Salmon and peanuts may also give strength to your nails.

Chicken for Stronger Nails

Chicken is another best food for stronger and healthier nails. Using chicken meat, you will get protein, which will strengthen your nails. Thus, the necessary amount of protein should also be provided. In case you use this food, your nails will become shiny and healthy. You may also eat such foods as eggs and seafoods. Whole grains are also high in healthy protein, which is great for your nails.

Zinc for Healthier Nails

Your nails need nutrition to be healthy and strong. Zinc is also very essential for your nails. It will boost up your immunity and will form your tissues. Therefore, if you look for healthy foods for your strong nails, you should try lobster and soybeans. Green beans and cashews also contain zinc and after their use, you will have stronger and healthier nails.

Eggs for Stronger and Healthier Nails

To have stronger and healthier nails, you may go for another best food. Eggs are high in sulphur. It is a mineral, which will balance the acid-alkali level in your body and will make your nails look better. Fish and meat are also recommended using. You may also opt for cheese and nuts, as they are fantastic for your nails.

Beans for Strong Nails

The lack of iron will make your nails look pale and they will easily brittle. Thus, you should enlarge the use of those foods, which are high in iron. Beans are enlisted among the best foods for your healthier and stronger nails.

It’s not so difficult to make your nails shine. You will only need to apply the best foods for stronger and healthier nails.

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