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8 Celebrity Style Tips for Holiday Party Dressing

Finally! Holiday season is coming up! Besides the whole excitement of decorating and getting ready to celebrate one of the most expected holidays, there is also the need to start thinking about creating a fancy look for the big holiday parties that are coming up! Of course, who else can serve as a source of inspiration better than our beloved celebs? Considering that our favorite stars are the best to get inspired from we decided to present a top list of the best celeb cocktail looks especially for you!

Taylor Swift Style

For those of you who are looking for a vintage style, this stunning black and white striped dress of Taylor Swift can be a great source of inspiration! Moreover combine such delicate dress with a pair of black classy shoes and create a magnificent style!

Miranda Kerr Style

What could be a better option if not this gorgeous green dress of Miranda Kerr? Except its delicate, detailed designs what makes it even more adorable and simply perfect for holiday seasons is its stunning color! In fact you can pair it with metallic gold high heels just as the star did and create an impressive red carpet look!

Zooey Deschanel Style

If one knows how to pull off a cocktail look very well it definitely is young and simply beautiful Zooey! Thus, check out this flattering flower printed black and white dress of Zooey’s and let your beloved star become your inspiration for a holiday party look!

Emma Stone Style

Ok, except the famous quote referring to black dress as a must have, we would like to add red dress to the list as well! Especially to the holiday party look list, a red dress just like this luxurious, feminine dress of Emma Stone can be one of the best choices for such occasion!

Katy Perry Style

Don’t miss the chance to rock the regal trend and impress everyone appearing with an eye-catching velvet dress just as the one of our beloved Katy Perry!

Lauren Conrad Style

Looking for a trendy, chic style? Check out this amazing combo of stunning Lauren Conrad and let it inspire you to create a soft, feminine look that will make you steal the spotlight!

Rachel Bilson Style

No other designing detail can embellish a cocktail dress better than sequins! So, if you want to create a breath-taking look do not be afraid to appear showing of an eye-catching dress enriched with colroful, shiny sequins just as our beloved Rachel did!

Zooey Saldana Style

Looking for a soft, feminine dress that will perfectly complement your entire look? Well, why not stick with neutral colors just as Zooey did and bet on accessorizing?

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