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Model Beauty and Fitness Secrets

To have models’ graceful figures and beautiful faces is not an imaginary thing. You may admire their astounding beauty on the runways. Get acquainted with the models’ beauty and fitness secrets.

Chanel Iman’s beauty and fitness secrets

Iman shares her beauty secret with us. She goes for bronzer. She also advises us to try it, taking into account your skin tone. Apply it on your face, body and cheeks. What refers to her fitness secret, she relies on corsets.

Arizona Muse’s beauty and fitness secrets

Here is Arizona Muse’s beauty secret. She blends her night cream with foundation and gets a translucent product. Yoga is her fitness secret. It builds up both her mind and body.

Carolyn Murphy’s beauty and fitness secrets

This model keeps her beauty just having plenty of water. It provides her skin with moisture. Carolyn Murphy is not for fitness. She avoids having a manlike figure. Instead, she goes for walks, does yoga and jogging.  

Fei Fei Sun’s beauty and fitness secrets

This model reveals her beauty and fitness secrets. She applies black mascara on her lashes and perfectly shapes and brushes her brows. She also highlights her lip with a balm. It will surely keep your look natural and jovial.

Hilary Rhoda’s beauty and fitness secret

Here is one of the essential beauty secrets by Hilary Rhoda. Sleep for 8-9 hours. It is one of the secrets of having a beautiful face. As for her fitness secret, she advises to create your special workout.

Joan Smalls’ beauty and fitness secret

Joan Small gives much importance to the moisturizing products. She applies it during the whole day. She also shares her fitness secret. Joan Small mixes several activities. She is busy with boxing, cardio and she prefers pilates. Thus, she recommends moving a lot.

Kate King’s beauty and fitness secret

She doesn’t go to extremes, regarding her fitness tips. She goes for healthy foods and when she has a free time, she attends gym, too. It helps her to get rid of the stress and consequently, provides her with a beautiful and healthy face.

Liu Wen’s beauty and fitness secret

She accentuates her lips, applying a bold color. It’s very essential if you want to draw attention. Liu recommends a red lipstick color. You should only consider your skin tone. It will transform your look completely.

Tao Okamoto’s beauty and fitness secret

She recommends having a full sleep at night in order to have a beautiful a glowy face. Her fitness secret is dancing. It’s both healthy and funny.

Yumi Lambert’s beauty and fitness secret

Though this model is for cheeseburgers, she knows that healthy food is just essential for her eternal beauty. However, she uses them in limits. Jogging is her fitness secret. If Yumi manages, she also goes in for other sports.

Thus, get your beautiful look, getting inspired by the models’ beauty and fitness secrets.

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