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DIY Lace Nail Art Designs

To create splendid nail art designs, you will need patience, skill and several tools. Here is one of the best nail art design ideas that you will need in future. Get inspired by these DIY lace nail art designs.

To create this splendid nail art design, you should take lace fabric (1/2 yard), red, purple or other nail polishes as a base tone and a top coat. You will also need wax paper, a toothpick and glue.

First, you should apply the base nail polish in order to be able to secure the lace with the glue. Then, you should stick the lace to your nails, while creating this amazing lace nail art design. Consider that you should use scissors to make the lace perfectly suit your nail size.

Take the lace and put it on the wax paper. Apply glue with a toothpick and put it on your nail. Finally, apply a top coat to provide your nails with glow and make the lace sit on your nails.

Effortless Lace Nail Art Design

If you are good at drawing, you may create effortless lace nail art designs just using a dotting tool and a striper. Do not forget about the most essential things: a base coat and your favorite mani shade.

After painting the base coat, apply your mani favorite nail polish on the half part of your nail in a diagonal direction. Then paint half circles with a striper on your nail tip to create the desired lace nail art design.

Lace Stickers

Lace stickers are another great option for having a lace nail art design. It’s quite easy to buy stickers and embellish your nails with them. Find out which of the lace types is dearer to you and wear it on your nails.

Ways of Creating Lace Nail Art Design

Here is another easy way of creating a lace nail art design. After painting your nails in a base hue, apply a silver mani on it using a makeup sponge. In this way, different shades will appear on your nails. After drying, use a glitter mani, which is in the same tone as your base nail shade. Then put the lace fabric on all your nails. Finally apply a top coat to make the lace stay in place. You may also put black dots on your nails or add lines.

Thus, get inspired by these DIY lace nail art designs and make your nails look outstanding for this Christmas.

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