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Category Archives: Hair

How to Style Flowing Rock-Chic Hair

The rock ‘n’ roll style was famous even in the 80s and 90s centuries. At the show of Versace spring/summer 2014, you are offered the trend of flowing rock-chic hair, which is created on the models’ splendid tresses. This rock-chic hairstyle includes both feminine and masculine elements in it. Great stylist Guido Palau shows you […]

Stylish Ways to Wear Short Hair

Thinking having short hair wasn’t the best idea as there are no many cool hairstyles to experiment with? Well, before you rush to make any conclusions check out the super cool, stylish ways to wear short hair presented from us exclusively for you! Cute Headbands Among the easiest ways to create gorgeous hairstyle for short […]

Simple Hair Tricks That Will Change Your Morning Beauty Routine

It is quite natural to desire to spend little time on creating interesting hairstyles in the morning. You would like to stay in your bed a little more. These simple hair tricks will help you rush out in a polished and fabulous look. Trying several simple hair tricks, you will be able to change your […]

Stylish Retro Hairstyle Tutorials for Women

There are millions of hairstyles for women to do for different occasions. Some go out of fashion and new ones come in. While some women keep having the same hairstyle for the whole life, others seek to learn and do every new hairstyle they see and some spend money for going to beauty parlors and […]