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Stylish Retro Hairstyle Tutorials for Women

There are millions of hairstyles for women to do for different occasions. Some go out of fashion and new ones come in. While some women keep having the same hairstyle for the whole life, others seek to learn and do every new hairstyle they see and some spend money for going to beauty parlors and having the newest ever hairstyles. And what do you think of retro hairstyles? They are so stylish and so fresh.

Here are a few retro hairstyles chosen to be for every occasion starting with street walks to wedding parties and ending up with red carpet walks. You don’t need to go to any specialist if you have the tools with you. All the work can be done by you itself. Ready, here we go!

Upright Pin Curls:

Pin your hair upright with special curling pins dividing them into equal small groups. You need about 25 to 30 pins for pinning all over. After you take the pins out, give a comb to each group of hair one by one and then what you need to do is, with simple hair pins pin your hair from bottom to shorten them to be till your neck’s height. You are going to discover new beauty in you through your new hairstyle.

Cascading Pony with Bangs:

First get a pony tail done, leaving your front hair open. And then get your ponytail curled. In the end make your front left hair curly and pin it to stand still as bangs. This is the final look. You can add a hair band over your head to give a typical retro look to it.

Victory rolls:

Use large curls making pins to hold them in tree large curls: two fronts, one back side. You can leave bangs and some small hair out as well. It will give you an incredible look.

Rolled Pony Headband:

For this retro hairstyle all you need is to get some curls from front for bangs. And then put a hair band around your head. Get your hair banded from back with some other very small hair band to hold your hair together while you roll it over the other hair band. You may need few pins to make the roll steady.  Have a good luck!

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