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How to Choose Boots for Your Body Type

Showing your slim and attractive feet depends not only on your outfit but also on your boots. They are able to make any outfit more gorgeous. If you choose right boots, your legs will become longer and the calves wider.

Read on how to choose boots for your body type and give more preference to comfort rather than trend.

Choose Boots for Your Hourglass Body Type

Any attire may perfectly go with your body type but we cannot say the same with the boots. You may make a great mistake, choosing too refined boots, having a pointed toe. Girls with an hourglass body shape should opt for boots with high heels or with platform. Go for rounded toes that make your body look ideal.

Choose Boots for Your Pear Body Type

If you have a pear body type, you had better go for long boots. Shorter boots don’t suit your body shape. Knee-length boots are able to elongate your feet and provide you with a slim body. Consider also that one-colored boots are your best friend, which should be paired with an outfit in the same tone. Choose boots, which become slimmer while reaching your ankles. Stacked heels will also look great with your pear body type.

Choose Boots for Your Apple Body Type

Wedges are the most recommendable types of boots for apple body types. They will work great both with thin and thick legs. Women with an apple body type may highlight their beautiful legs with boots adorned with buckles. If you consider that you have curves, go for heels, having a wide back. While thin heels are recommendable for thin legs.

Choose Boots for Your Banana Body Type

In case you don’t have outstanding curves, and your figure resembles more a banana, you had better choose boots with stiletto heels. They will give you femininity and suit your legs. Any decoration is allowed to have on boots, except for thick buckles. In case of ling legs, you may wear flats, which are very comfortable.

Choose Boots for Your Petite Body Type

Those women, who have a small figure, should wear high heels or choose boots with a platform, as they help your legs look longer. Petite women should also go for boots with pointed toes. Though you may feel a little discomfort, these types of boots lengthen your legs. Again, go for the same tone. Go for vertical embellishments, such as zippers to elongate your body.

Choose Boots for Your Tall and Slim Body Type

You are lucky if you have a tall and slim body, as you may choose any boot. Flats are also great for this body type. However, you are advised to avoid wearing boots, reaching your ankles.

Choose Boots for Your Thick Body Type

Women with thick calves may also find the most suitable boots for their body type. Stay away from straight cuffs and go for angled ones. Wear boots, reaching underneath your knees and choose one-toned boots to slim your body.

Choose Boots for Your Wide Feet

Consider your feet weight while choosing boots. Thin heels are the best choice for wide feet. Go for zipper instead of any other embellishments to make your feet thinner.

Consider your body type and then go to choose the most comfortable and trendy boots.  

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