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15 Cool African American Hairstyle Trends For Women

One of the best things to do if you had the luck to born having the jaw-dropping typical African American hair is to experiment with different eye-catching hairstyles that will make you steal the spotlight and leave a big an unforgettable impact on everyone!

Go Natural

One of the easiest ways to create a stunning look is to go natural and add the perfect finish touch with a soft, natural makeup.

Parted from the Center

An eye-catching hairstyle that works the best with voluminous hair is the gorgeous center parted style.

Frisky Style

Another easy yet super cute style that will add a modern, youthful vibe to your look is the gorgeous frisky style. To achieve this look simply twist the front strands of your hair away from your face and secure with bobby pins.

Box Braids

One of the best things about the eye-catching box braids is that they allow you to experiment with different styles and show up each time with a new, modern approach of the look!

Blown Out

It’s eye-catching, it’s easy and it guarantees to add an alluring boho inspired touch to the entire look of yours!

Modern Chic

Another great hairstyle to try if you want to create a fierce look is the stunning, voluminous half up! Go for it and enjoy being in the center of everyone’s attention.


Adding few light tones to your hair would be the best idea to go for if you want to add a modern-chic touch to the stunning box braids!


Now, for those of you who want to go bold and create a real runway look, we recommend to take the risk and go for the jaw-dropping shaved style.

Soft Romantic Style

Cute, blown out curls are considered the best option for a soft romantic look. In fact they work the best with medium length hair which means that if you want to rock this style you might need to get a cropped cut.


Sticking with a casual chic undone bun is another great option to go for if you want to create a modern yet very elegant look.

Eye-catching Bun

A stunning hairstyle that will work the best with long curls and add a playful touch to your look!


Ombre style appears to be the best alternative when it comes to lightening up the color which is one of the main reasons why we find ombre style perfect for African American women.

Trendy Headbands

Sticking with a trendy headband not only will keep your hair away from your face but also will help you to ceate a stylish look that leave a big impact on everyone.

Curly Updo

Another adorable African American hairstyle to go for is the cute curly updo as it will add a positive vibe to the entire look and perfectly emphasize feminine beauty.


Considering that topknots are among the hottest hairstyle trends for this year we find that there is no better time to rock this style!

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