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Focus on Your Lashes This Fall

With all the new beauty and makeup trends dictated by our beloved makeup artists and stylists the whole process of working on a brand new look becomes even more exciting as there are so many things to experiment with and such appears to be the new makeup alert of focusing on lashes.

From false eyelash extensions to clumping lashes together the check out the new futuristic approaches of the makeup look.

Special Focus on Lashes: Clumps

Well, clumpsy lashes aren’t a novelty for fashion world as have been spotted many times hitting the runways just as at Aquilano Rimondi and Prada shows. However, especially this year clumps are considered a trend that needs to be followed!

Special Focus on Lashes: Extensions

Ok, using false lashes is a makeup trick that most of us know very well, but that the new, eye-catching way of using them is definitely worth-trying! Thus, for a real statement look our beloved makeup artists for this fall 2014 suggest to apply false lashes on both upper and lower lashes! This way you will add a dramatic touch to the entire look of yours and perfectly emphasize the natural beauty of your eyes.

Special Focus on Lashes: Colors

For a more futuristic approach makeup artists suggest to take the risk and go for fab, colorful lashes or colored lash extensions that seem very promising when it comes to creating a sophisticated look.

Thus, whichever makeup trend you decide to go for all you have to remember is that the perfect style is the one that suits you the best! So, take your time, experiment with these new beauty trends and see which one works the best for you!

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