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Embrace Spring Rocking The Hottest Runway Hairstyle Trends 2014

Grab a comfortable chair and get ready to explore the most fascinating beauty trends dictated by our beloved stylists for this spring 2014 and let them serve as a main source of inspiration for you to create an outstanding look that will make you still the spotlight this season! Spring 2014 Hairstyle Trends: Braided Hair […]

15 Cool African American Hairstyle Trends For Women

One of the best things to do if you had the luck to born having the jaw-dropping typical African American hair is to experiment with different eye-catching hairstyles that will make you steal the spotlight and leave a big an unforgettable impact on everyone! Go Natural One of the easiest ways to create a stunning […]

20 Stylish Hairstyles for 2014

Each year you want to wear a new hairstyle and refresh your look. The stylish hairstyle may really change your mood and increase your self-confidence. It may also make you look younger. If you are already seeking for stylish hairstyles for 2014, then you will surely be satisfied, as in this post we have collected […]

Spring/Summer 2014 Beauty Trends

Just as you were getting used to the fashion trends of this fall/winter 2013, our beloved designers decided to present the new fashion requirements for the upcoming spring/summer 2014! Thus, get informed and start planning you new look for the sunny seasons why not starting from now. So, check out the top ten styling trends […]