20 Stylish Hairstyles for 2014

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Each year you want to wear a new hairstyle and refresh your look. The stylish hairstyle may really change your mood and increase your self-confidence. It may also make you look younger.

If you are already seeking for stylish hairstyles for 2014, then you will surely be satisfied, as in this post we have collected a plenty of trendy haircuts. You will find both short and long hairstyles, gorgeous updos and attractive bobs, straight and curly hairstyles. Make them go with your face form and get a thrilling look.

1.  Long and Wavy Hairstyle

Get your luxurious look with a long and wavy hairstyle for 2014. It is one of the best ways of expressing your self-confidence. It is quite enough to have shoulder length hair to wear this amazing hairstyle. For this look, dry your hair with a blow dryer. Be careful not to create a deep section. Use a curl-enhancing product for your tresses and then curl them with a curling tool. After cooling, shake your hair for extra texture.

20 Stylish Hairstyles for 2014

2.  Bob Hairstyle with Fringe

Bob is one of the stylish hairstyles for 2014. Cut your hair above your chin and add a full bang. It will perfectly go with your blunt hair ends. This hairstyle will make your thin hair look thick and textured.

20 Stylish Hairstyles for 2014

3.  Short Hairstyle

An edgy look is a great trend for 2014. Be a little experimental and pull off this short crop hairstyle. Cut your hair too short at the sides and leave the top part longer. Provide your hair with texture, applying a special styling product.

20 Stylish Hairstyles for 2014

4.  Curly Updo Hairstyle

To make your hair look perfect for a great party, you may match the curls with your beehive style. To create this 2014 stylish hairstyle, you should first make tight curls. After pulling your hair into an amazing ponytail, you should twist the curls, adjusting them with pins. To make your stylish updo hairstyle stay during the whole day, you shouldn’t ignore the importance of the hairspray.

20 Stylish Hairstyles for 2014

5.  Long Wavy Hairstyle

Long hair is the trend of 2014. In case your locks are long, you may be a little tricky and make your hair ends wavy. Just use a curling iron and enjoy your fantastic look. Besides, curls will give your hair extra texture.

20 Stylish Hairstyles for 2014

6.  Short Pixie Hairstyle

If you have decided to grow your pixie, here is a great option for 2014. Your hairstyle will look more stylish with a long and eye-grazing fringe. Make your fringe asymmetric, as it will soften your features.

20 Stylish Hairstyles for 2014

7.  Curly Fringe Hairstyle

Pair your black curls with a brow-touching fringe and you will create another stylish hairstyle for 2014. Make your fringe a little rounded and match it with your face form. For the fantastic waves, take a waving wand, and finish your look with extra volume, which will be achieved by teasing your curls.  

20 Stylish Hairstyles for 2014

8.  Crop Hairstyle in a Brown Shade

To make your crop hairstyle modern and chic, you had better dye your hair with the chocolate brown shade. This shade with a red undertone will look great with grown-up features, thus being a stylish hairstyle for 2014.

20 Stylish Hairstyles for 2014

9.  Wet Hairstyle in a Blonde Shade

Getting a wet looking hairstyle, you will achieve a stylish look for 2014. The runways are filled with this amazing hairstyle for 2014. To make your short hairstyle look wet, you should apply gel and hairspray to hold your style in place. Finally, comb your wet tresses and get the desired trendy hairstyle for 2014.

20 Stylish Hairstyles for 2014

10.  Blunt Bang Hairstyle

Fringe is a fantastic way to give a new touch to your tresses. It has many benefits, as you may cover the imperfections of your forehead just wearing a blunt bang. Your full brows may also be concealed due to a stylish fringe.

20 Stylish Hairstyles for 2014

11.  Curly Blonde Hairstyle

In case your hair is blonde and you want to create a fantastic hairstyle, you may opt for this easy way. Get soft waves with a curling iron and make your blonde hair look super glamorous for 2014. Besides, you will be able to express your self-confidence.

20 Stylish Hairstyles for 2014

12.  Red-Toned Hairstyle

If you want to look shocking for 2014, you may highlight your brown tresses with a red hue. This tone will refresh your look and brighten your dark tresses. It will also rejuvenate your look.

20 Stylish Hairstyles for 2014

13.  Wavy Hairstyle in a Red Tone

Red hair dominates at the runways of 2014. In case, you are in your 40s, this hair color is your best friend. It will brighten your features and go ideally with your grown-up features. You may create a long wavy hairstyle and look stunning for 2014.

20 Stylish Hairstyles for 2014

14.  Sleek Hairstyle

Straight locks never go out of fashion. This style is your key of a glamorous look. For this stylish hairstyle for 2014, you will need a straightener. No effort is required to achieve subtle and smooth locks.

20 Stylish Hairstyles for 2014

15.  Long Crimped Hairstyle

Crimped hair is a trend of this season. For this stylish hairstyle, there exists a special tool. You may create crimps both on long and short hair and of course on sleek and wavy hair. It is an ideal hairstyle option for a great evening.

20 Stylish Hairstyles for 2014

16.  Curly Hair in a Boho Style

For a dramatic look, you may curl your long tresses and feel the touch of boho style. Replace the curling iron with a waving wand, as it is a great innovation for this season. After releasing your curls, you will look amazing and alluring.

20 Stylish Hairstyles for 2014

17.  Long Hairstyle with Layers

To get a stylish hairstyle and make your thin hair fuller, you may go for layers. The front layers will soften your features and provide your hair with movement for 2014.

20 Stylish Hairstyles for 2014

18.  Side-Sectioned Hairstyle

Get acquainted with a new method of updating your simple hairstyle for 2014. Create a side section and it will seem like you have gone for a new hairstyle. Use a hair straightener and a hair-dryer to make your locks super sleek.

20 Stylish Hairstyles for 2014

19.  Ombre Hair Color

Each woman may opt for an ombre hairstyle and feel glamorous and chic. You may create blonde hair tone on the top part of your hair and dye the ends in a pink shade for an astounding look. It is one of the stylish hairstyles for 2014, which will break each man’s heart.

20 Stylish Hairstyles for 2014

20.  Low Ponytail Hairstyle

Stay away from the casual ponytails and go for a side swept low pony. Make your pony loose and wavy to get an exquisite look for 2014.

These 20 stylish hairstyles for 2014 will transform your look completely and provide you with glamour and grace.

20 Stylish Hairstyles for 2014

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