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Foundation 101: Advantages of Different Formulas

Woman applying foundation

It’s difficult enough to find the right shade of foundation, but when you throw in all of the different available formulas, it can become downright impossible it seems. Here is a quick guide about choosing the right formula for your needs and your preferences:

  • Tinted moisturizer – Typically tinted moisturizer offers the sheerest coverage and is the most forgiving shade-wise. It can be found in oil-free formulas as well as moisturizing so do not be put off if you have oilier skin.
  • Liquid foundation – The standard and the one that most of us grew up with is the liquid foundation. Most of them provide medium to heavy coverage depending on your selection, but the options range widely.
  • BB or CC cream – Most BB or CC creams have about the coverage level of a liquid foundation but tend to be more forgiving regarding shade.
  • Cream foundation – Usually found in sticks or compacts, cream foundation provides the heaviest coverage. Like the old pancake makeup of the past, it can cover just about anything you are trying to hide.
  • Mineral foundation – Usually a loose powder, mineral foundation can be a good alternative to liquids or creams. It is not great for super-dry skin, but with the proper primer it can work.

Truth be told, choosing a formula is more about the amount of coverage that you are looking for versus skin type. Granted, some formulas are better suited for certain skin types, but you can find almost any formula for almost any skin type.

I usually prefer my formulas to include at least SPF 15, but if you use sunscreen as part of your skincare instead of your makeup, you probably wouldn’t need to worry about that. I just prefer the one-step of my makeup including my sunscreen.

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