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Picking the Right Shade of Eyeshadow

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While blush can be somewhat straightforward to choose, eyeshadow is a whole different ball game. There are thousands of colors and formulas and finishes to choose from. I suspect that’s why so many either skip it altogether or end up with a drawerful of shadows that they never touch. It can be daunting to see a palette full of colors with no idea how to wear which one. Or in the case of the one you use every day, your favorite shades run out before the rest.

But how to choose the right shades? Once you figure out what colors work best, you can save your time and money and stop buying the wrong ones. Save it for the right ones!

  • Typically, colors that sit opposite on the color wheel look best together. This means that contrary to some advice, for maximum impact and effect, blue eyes should not wear blue eyeshadow.
  • Blue eyes: A range of colors are perfect to accent those baby blues. Peach, purple, wine, and grey eyeshadows make blue eyes sparkle. Silver is especially beautiful with blue eyes.
  • Green and hazel eyes: Peach, grey, plum, and burgundy emphasize the different shades that make up hazel and green eyes.
  • Brown eyes: Brown eyes can wear almost any shade, but copper, lavender, violet, and olive really make them pop.

One of the more difficult things about eyeshadow is also picking the different shades to wear together. If you are new to this, try to pick shades of the same color at first.

There is also the option of playing with neutrals. That does not necessarily mean boring though; there are so many beautiful shades of nude, taupe, peach, bone, and ivory that you can really play around with them as well.

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