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Look Put-Together Even on the Weekend

Woman with sunglasses and leather jacket in the city

Sometimes after a long week, all we want to do is slip into our yoga pants and not get out of them until Monday morning. Perhaps we’ve even been known to cancel plans because of a dress code that involved clothing without a drawstring waist.

However, sometimes there are plans that cannot be cancelled. We have to take the kids somewhere, or there is a church function or a friend’s birthday party. And yoga pants just will not do the trick. So how do we look ‘done’ and still maintain the ease and comfort that we want on our days off?

  • Even in your casual clothes, make sure they fit well. The quickest way to look unkempt is to wear clothes that are too big or too small. Just because they aren’t your work clothes, doesn’t mean they can’t look suitable on you.
  • Try adding one additional item to your outfit. Whether that be an eye-catching belt to cinch your white button-down shirt, a statement necklace, or a cardigan over your tee shirt, a ‘third’ item can really pull an outfit together and make it look intentional.
  • Jazz up your footwear. Throw on a fun pair of leopard flats or sparkly flip flops instead of plain black loafers.
  • In addition to stepping up the outfit, putting a couple of minutes into your personal grooming will help. Even if you don’t want to blow dry and flat iron, a pretty clip for your ponytail. A quick application of BB cream and a touch of color in your cheeks will perk your whole face up.

You can still stay comfortable and casual on the weekends, but that does not rule out looking polished and pulled together with just a few minutes of extra effort.

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