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Going Nude For Nail Polish

Nude nail polish

One of the most classically beautiful manicures is the nude manicure. While some will always love the French manicure, I think it can look somewhat dated nowadays. But a nude manicure, when chosen and completed well, is classy and elegant and professional.  The issue can be picking the right shade. The wrong one can be too pink or too yellow, too matte or too chalky, or just too plain. It is easier to pick a color!

Here are a few basic guidelines to choosing the right color for your nude manicure:

  • Base it on your skin’s undertone. If you look better in blue, pink, and silver (and the veins in your wrist appear blue), you are probably cool-toned. If you look better in brown, yellow, and gold (and your veins appear green), you are probably warm-toned. If it’s difficult for you to tell, you are probably neutral and can wear almost any color.
  • This isn’t foundation; you aren’t looking for a perfect skin tone match. While this is a nude manicure, you still want your nails to show up. It’s usually best to aim for a nail polish that is about two shades darker or lighter than your actual skin tone.
  • For the most part, a high-shine finish looks best on a nude manicure.  However, don’t be locked into that. Play around with shimmer, frost, or even glitter to make it really stand out.
  • Also remember that the best nude could be a neutral color, something in the pink or peach range.

One thing to remember about a nude manicure is that it can highlight ragged or unkempt cuticles. Cuticle care is always important, but especially for a nude manicure when there’s no bright color to distract from dry cuticles.

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