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Headband Inspiration: Styles of Headbands to Include in Your Closet

We used to wear headbands when attending school. Now the trend of headbands has come back. There are various styles of headbands. Take into account which of the headband styles are dearer to you and wear it. Here are styles of headbands to include in your closet. Kesha’s Headband in a Boho Style If you […]

Trendiest Prints of the Season: Houndstooth

Did you know that the eye-catching, abstract houndstooth print is making its big comeback in high fashion world? Yes, it’s true, now you have the chance to show off your favorite houndstooth printed outfit without risking to create a look that is out of style! One of the best things about houndstooth prints is that […]

Fashion Trends It’s Time to Stop Wearing

One of the most important things that any self-respecting fashionista ought to know is what is considered in and especially what is out of trend. Of course, being a fashionista doesn’t necessarily mean throwing away your beloved outfit just because it’s out of trend, but there are some pieces that are so out of trend […]

Winter 2013-2014 Floral Print Trends

Floral prints are trendy not only for spring but also for winter. Floral prints are able to change the simplest dress into an interesting and eye-catching one. Prints will give a mysterious and a trendy touch to your winter 2013/2014 outfits. Floral prints give warmth and raise your mood in this cold season. Add the […]

Feathers Fashion Trend for Women

Visionary, fantastic and fairy feathers are one of the fall’s fashion trends for women. Feathers are versatile, as you may find outfits made of various types of features: subtle ostrich ferns or glittering jewel-hued male peafowl. Consider that few ornaments may go with this style of dresses. As Emily Sheffield (the editor of Vogue) claims, […]

New Crown Jewels Trend for Women

Crown jewels are now considered trendy for women. The designers bring them to life from the runway of November 2013. You may embellish your hair with crown jewels and look super-gorgeous. You may get inspired by such headbands, which resemble a wire with barbs. They are not only eye-catching but also trendy for this season. […]

Spring/ Summer 2014 Belt Trends

The world-famous designers suggested a great variety of trendy belts for spring/summer 2014. Belts are versatile, as they may be worn in any season. The disputable question is whether belts make our look chicer or not. It’s true that your belt will not be noticed if you hide them under your coat. That is why, […]

Regal Fashion Trend for Fall 2013

Looking for real luxury? Check out the new fashion trends for fall 2013! This time the runways were full of breath-taking pieces, which were hard to correspond to a specific geographical era. This is the regal fashion trend, which lets you go back in time and feel like a real queen in the 21st era! […]

Pajama Dressing Trend for Fall 2013

Pajama fashion trend became again popular after the first success in Hollywood movies, such as Pulp Fiction. And those pajamas have a few reasons to be loved. Firstly, you get a chance to wear your pair of favorite pajamas off your bedroom and even off your house. Next, they do look amazingly beautiful with figures […]