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Regal Fashion Trend for Fall 2013

Looking for real luxury? Check out the new fashion trends for fall 2013! This time the runways were full of breath-taking pieces, which were hard to correspond to a specific geographical era. This is the regal fashion trend, which lets you go back in time and feel like a real queen in the 21st era! Check out some fashion tips on rocking the regal fashion trend for fall 2013!

These stunning new pieces open the gates to a brand new fashion world were royal dressing is considered so “in”.  All these eye-catching pieces for once again come to prove that history can actually be a source of inspiration for our beloved designers.

Fall Theme: Regal

Of course, such a trend can’t only relate to a specific period in history. Moreover, the fact of including a wider spectrum of eras makes it even more interesting for all fashionistas. Thus, including stunning pieces inspired by the Church in Medieval England or artworks of 15th century or even Elizabethan era dresses, the new royal fashion trend for fall 2013 can really be considered as a special one!

Now take a look at the specific elements that were used to enrich this new regal trend for fall 2013!

Tapestry/ Embroidery

Tapestry and embroidery at first sight are associated with epochs, where designing was handmade and outfits required a real hard work to be created. But these stunning designs nowadays seem making a comeback and embellishing fine pieces of royal theme trend.


Main element for a real royal style, velvet seems to be the fabric that many designers stick with. In fact, wearing it in hues that remind a majesty, just like royal purple or forest purple and combining it with rich embroidered details perfectly completes a regal inspired look.


Speaking about mosaic details, we cannot avoid mentioning the prime providers of the use of this style on clothing: Dolce & Gabbana. Thus, fall 2013 trends dictate to “wear mosaics”. Designed with breathtaking mosaic details clothing captures, and combined with stunning accessories of the royal theme the cute dresses and skirts shown on the runways will become your latest obsession.


Of course, regal fashion trend would be incomplete without the use of rich brocade fabrics. These easily add a rich look to the outfit and put a strong emphasis on a regal style.

Other Regal Fashion Details

Design is not all about fabrics and embellishments, as details such as specific cuts can be the best way to show off a royal style. In this category the main details that were distinguished were puffy sleeves, high collars, full length dresses, sheer fabric sleeves and accessories of the same theme that perfectly enriched the new fall 2013 regal fashion trend!

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