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How to Wear Leggings

Probably, many of you have leggings in your wardrobe and you love wearing them with long tunics and ballerinas. You possibly have the same look as many other girls of your age! That’s normal, as leggings seem to have the standard ways to wear them, but here we are to show you some alternatives and precious style tips on how to wear leggings!

Choose the Right Colors

If you are not sure about some mixture of colors or prints but you still want a pair of leggings, it’s better to choose like black or brown or may be beige; it depends on that top you are going to wear! So, sometimes go for one color not to overdo your look!

Try Leggings Types

Simple leggings really may be a good variant to play around your proportions! There are all lengths, from capri to ankle and they give great space to try! You may try and see what suits you the best, but mind that if you have short legs mid-calf leggings will make them look wider.

Mind Your Shape

If you have a bit curvy body it doesn’t mean that you should avoid wearing leggings, you just should follow some rules that will not give in your body cons. So if you want to wear printed or colored ones, you may combine them with mini-dress or just a top that will cover mid-thigh! This way you may be sure that you look great!

Create Your Leggings Look

Leggings are very combinable with many pieces like dresses, tunic tops, and shorter skirts, so you may create a kind of style for you or you may make you own one, the important thing is just not to be afraid to try! Whatever you wear make it be a bit looser on top and tighter at the end.

Skip High Heels 

Skipping high heels doesn’t mean skipping them totally! You may sometimes wear them, if you feel that your whole outfit looks good with them, but generally, all the ballerinas, boat shoes, moccasins, low-heeled boots and oxfords look amazing with leggings. So it’s great to have so comfortable and at the same time so rocky look!

 Don’t Wear Leggings Like Pants

If you want to look gorgeous in leggings you shouldn’t wear them instead of pants, because they are totally different garments and cannot substitute one another. For wearing leggings you must have top that covers your butt and front, let it be skirt, dress or any tunic. If you wear it right you will always look cute and nice!

 As you see you have something to choose! Wearing simple leggings you can still be distinguishable and original. So use these fashion tips and stun everyone with your look!

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