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Women Beauty and Fashion Trends that Men Hate

We always try our best to have a perfect look especially when we are getting ready for a date, but there are some beauty and style trends that we adore, but guys actually hate! Want to know about them? Read bellow and find out what women beauty and fashion trends guys hate. Of course, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to stop sticking with the latest trends, but just get informed and do not go for them if you want to look stunning on a date!

Bright Lips

Now, especially those fashionistas who love sticking with bold makeup looks will feel a bit disappointed, as guys don’t really seem liking bright lips. In fact, when it comes to lipstick colors, they admit that going natural can be trendier, than too much coloring.

Maxi Dresses

Ok, it is not a secret that any guy loves admiring women legs which is impossible to do when a girl wears a maxi dress. Moreover, maxi dresses hide our curves and sometimes make us look in a bad shape, so definitely avoid them if you want to steal attention with your appearance!


Most of the girls love pulling their hair up and trying different kinds of buns, while guys just hate buns. Especially they don’t like top sock buns as they find them non attractive. So if top sock bun is your favorite, then at least don’t go for it all the time.

Ugg Boots

They are super comfortable but eh….admit it they are so NON attractive! In fact, guys think that uggs ruin a feminine look completely and make a girl look like she has huge feet.

Ombre Trend

Well, despite the fact that it is considered the season’s hottest trend, guys don’t like the ombre trend, as they think it makes a girl’s look cheap and unnatural.

Bold Eyebrows

Yes, we all like this hot trend and yes many of us look perfect even with bold eyebrows, but guys think that a lady loses her femininity and looks like she didn’t take care of herself wearing bushy brows.

Daring Hair Color

Always remember guys prefer all natural looks and when it comes to hair colors, they seem preferring natural hues more. This is understandable as not only you get easily tired of bright hair color, but it doesn’t match with every outfit either.

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