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Trendiest Prints of the Season: Houndstooth

Did you know that the eye-catching, abstract houndstooth print is making its big comeback in high fashion world? Yes, it’s true, now you have the chance to show off your favorite houndstooth printed outfit without risking to create a look that is out of style!

One of the best things about houndstooth prints is that they can be found in an expanded variety of colors which proves their versatility! So, whether you are a fan of vintage style or you simply love experimenting with each season’s newest trends, the new houndstooth print trend will become one of the best ways to prove you sense of style!

Another strong side of the new houndstooth trend is the fact that it can perfectly work for any style starting from elegant chic ending with sporty!

What you have to pay attention to while trying to pair a houndstooth printed piece with another outfit is the color of the other piece as the bigger is the created contrast the better is considered your look. So, to exclude any possibility of failing let’s see few colors that can work the best with a hundstooth printed piece. The colors that seem working the best with the mentined print are black, yellow, red and pink. You might also want to avoid pairing it with something white in order to save your look from being boring or at least make sure you are balancing it with a jacket or an accessory of a darker hint.

Thus, you can go for cute houndstooth printed skirts, pants, scarves, jackets or even dresses depending on what style you are willing to create. Moreover, for those of you who are looking for any idea of creating a stylish androgynous look a houndstooth print outfit would be the best option to stick with!

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