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Top 6 Awaited Face and Body Treatments at Introlift

Client in medical spa, Introlift

People have been waiting in anticipation for the new Introlift Medical Spa to open its doors in Florida. 


Because this spa is one that combines traditional skin treatments with the latest in cutting-edge technology, bringing about some truly incredible results. 

From rejuvenating facials to skin tightening procedures, here are six of the most-awaited face and body treatments at Introlift. 

The Brightening Facial for Hyper-Pigmented Skin

There are a number of different factors that can cause hyperpigmentation, from skin injuries and acne to sun exposure and inflammation. 

Whatever the cause of yours may be, chances are that you want these dark spots to fade away as quickly as possible. 

This is where the Introlift Brightening Facial for Hyper-Pigmented Skin comes in…  

A gentle but powerful treatment, this facial is able to target skin discoloration, age spots and other blemishes, significantly reducing their visibility. 

How is it able to be so effective? 

It comes down to the various forms of technology used in the facial, along with a few special ingredients. 

The advanced ingredient formula used includes: 

  • Kojic Acid – derived from mushrooms, kojic acid is an extremely effective skin-lightening ingredient 
  • Vitamin A – heals the skin and clears away excess pigmentation
  • Vitamin C – prevents the over-production of melanin, therefore helping to fade and prevent hyperpigmentation

This one-of-a-kind formula is combined with a light chemical peel, which removes the outer layer of your skin, along with any dark patches that happen to be contained within that layer. 

This is followed up with a radio frequency treatment to help tighten up the skin, while LED light therapy is also used to tackle specific skin concerns. 

The Carbon Laser Peel

Is your skin oily and prone to breakouts? 

This is something that so many people hate dealing with, which is why so many are excited to give the Introlift Carbon Laser Peel a try. 

As you can probably guess from the name, a peel is designed to peel away the outer layer of your skin. 

Why would you want to do this? 

It is basically a more intense form of exfoliation, not only removing the dull and old skin cells that sit at the surface of your skin, but also stimulating the production of collagen and elastin. This helps to give the skin a brighter, firmer and smoother appearance. 

However, the Carbon Laser Peel takes things a step further…

In addition to providing the skin with the same benefits as other peels, this one makes use of a layer of black liquid carbon applied to the skin. Once there, it penetrates deep down into the pores, absorbing any oil, dead skin cells and other contaminants that have happened to also sink into your pores. These are the contaminants that would have clogged your pores up and led to breakouts. 

What happens once the carbon has absorbed all of this? 

A laser light is directed at the skin, with the light destroying the carbon particles within the pores. As it does so, it also destroys all of the impurities that the carbon absorbed, along with any extra dead skin cells on the surface of the skin. 

This gives you a cleansing and rejuvenating effect in addition to the exfoliation, leaving your skin clearer, softer and brighter. 

There are other benefits to this treatment too…

Thanks to the heat produced by the laser light and the carbon, any acne-causing bacteria on the skin is also significantly reduced, while the sebaceous glands are shrunk in order to decrease their production of oil. 

This is a treatment that can be carried out on the face as well as the body, since many people who experience facial acne also tend to have to deal with body acne. 

eMatrix™ Sublative Rejuvenation

The collagen and elastin proteins within your skin are responsible for keeping your skin smooth, firm and tight. Your body produces plenty of these proteins in its earlier years, but, as time goes on, production starts to decline. This is why the skin becomes wrinkled and loose with age. 

While there are many topical products out there that can help with skin tightening, these only really work on the surface of the skin. 

In order to bring about a more significant change, you need a method that targets the deeper layers of your skin, as this is where the collagen and elastin is actually produced. 

The Ematrix Sublative Rejuvenation treatment from Introlift does exactly that…  

It makes use of fractionated bi-polar radio frequency technology to direct an intense energy and heat into the skin. Rather than affecting the surface of the skin, this heat targets the deeper layers, leaving the surface untouched. 

Once there, it is able to trigger an increase in the production of collagen and elastin, giving your skin a smoother and tighter appearance. This extra collagen and elastin also helps to clear away dark spots, acne scars and other skin blemishes, giving you a clearer complexion. 

It only takes around five days for results to be noticeable, and these results will keep improving over the course of five months, especially if you opt for multiple regular treatments. 

This is another treatment that can be used on both the face and the body, with the neck and the abdomen being particularly popular with patients. 

The Perfect Derma Peel

Client undergoing a perfect derma peel at Introlift

The Introlift Medical Spa offers a variety of different chemical peels, but the Perfect Derma Peel is one that many people are so excited to try. 


Because this medium-depth peel is the only one that incorporates glutathione within its formula. 

Wondering what glutathione is? 

It is a powerful antioxidant that is usually produced within the cells of your body. However, due to a combination of aging and damaging environmental factors, glutathione levels decrease as you progress through life. 

When applied to the skin topically, glutathione has a couple of major benefits: 

  • Scavenges free radicals – free radicals cause serious damage to your skin cells, destroying the collagen and elastin within them. Antioxidants, such as glutathione, are able to neutralize free radicals and prevent them from causing more damage, while helping skin cells to heal from existing damage 
  • Skin lightening – glutathione is able to interrupt the synthesis of melanin in your skin, which is the pigment that gives your skin its color. By doing this, the skin takes on a lighter and brighter appearance 

What will your skin look like after undergoing the Perfect Derma Peel? 

You will notice an improvement in your skin tone and texture, with a clearer and firmer complexion. The visibility of your pores will also be reduced, helping to prevent acne. 

Wondering how long this treatment takes? 

It usually takes around 15 minutes, but there are a few after-care measures that you should be aware of…

Immediately after your treatment, your skin will appear quite red, almost as though it has been sunburnt. This lasts for a couple of days, after which your skin will begin peeling for another two to four days. 

This may not sound like much fun, but once the peeling is done, you will be left with a fresh and radiant complexion. 

It goes without saying that staying away from direct sunlight is key while your skin is healing from this treatment, as the new skin cells that have been revealed will be extremely susceptible to sun damage. 

The Thread Lift

While the traditional face lift has long since been a popular cosmetic treatment, the thread lift is a safer and less-invasive alternative that can bring about the same results. 

Never heard of a thread lift before? 

It makes use of small and thin threads, which are inserted into the skin through tiny incisions that will have been made in strategic places. Once these threads attach themselves to the tissue within your skin, they will then be gently pulled back in order to give the skin a lift. 

This immediately raises the targeted area of skin, doing away with any sagging or looseness. 

Since this is a procedure that can normally be carried out without any anaesthetic, the patient is able to take a look at the results as they are being done, and can decide for themselves how much of a lift they want to achieve. 

Once done, the threads are knotted and end up hiding within the skin, making them invisible. 

Is there any scarring? 

If there is, this is, again, pretty much invisible.  

So, why would you opt for a thread lift instead of a traditional face lift? 

Well, in addition to the fact that a thread lift is so much less invasive, it is also better suited to those who are only beginning to experience signs of aging. While face lifts are great for those who have a significant amount of skin sagging, a thread lift is a better option for those who are experiencing minor looseness and sagging. 

Plus, the side effects and scarring are also much less in a thread lift than in a conventional face lift. 

While this treatment is most popular on the face, it can also help to treat sagging skin on the neck, tightening this back up and giving the neck a smoother and tighter appearance. 


Have you got spider veins or varicose veins anywhere on your body that you long to get rid of? 

Introlift can help with their Sclerotherapy treatment. 

What exactly is Sclerotherapy? 

It’s a cosmetic procedure that revolves around a special salt solution. This is injected into the skin, directly into the veins that you want to clear away. Once inside, the salt solution causes irritation to the linings inside the vein, resulting in them swelling and clumping together. This prevents the blood here from clotting, causing the vein to turn into scar tissue, which then fades away. 

Options when it comes to treating spider veins or varicose veins are limited, which is why the Sclerotherapy treatment provided by Introlift is so eagerly anticipated. 

The treatment can take just 15 minutes to carry out, although this can be slightly longer if you are wanting to treat a larger surface area of skin, or veins that are quite large in themselves. 

Does it hurt? 

No. All you will feel is a small amount of discomfort when the salt solution is actually injected into your skin, but this will only last for a minute or so. 

Once all the injections have been carried out, a compression pad will be placed over the skin. 

Of course, the results of this treatment depend on the way in which sclerotherapy prevents the blood from clotting. In order to ensure that this happens, you will need to stand up and walk around immediately after the treatment has been carried out. You may also need to wear special compression stockings for a couple of weeks after your treatment in order to maximize results. 

Wondering if there are any side effects to sclerotherapy? 

There can be, although these are usually concentrated at the site where the injections were inserted into the skin. Side effects may include: 

  • Bruising 
  • Redness 
  • Small skin sores 
  • Tiny red blood vessels appearing 
  • Darkened patches or lines on the skin 

Don’t worry, these side effects usually only last for a couple of days, after which your skin will be so much clearer. 

Is there anyone who shouldn’t book themselves in for sclerotherapy? 

Yes. If you are either pregnant, breastfeeding or have recently given birth, you wouldn’t be a suitable candidate for this treatment. Varicose veins that are especially large can also not be treated with sclerotherapy, while those who are prone to blood clots will also want to give this treatment a miss. Of course, this will all be discussed with you in person at the Introlift Medical Spa. 

Beautician attending to client in medical spa

There are so many different face and body treatments offered by the Introlift Medical Spa, but these six are set to be especially popular. 

Want to give one of these treatments a try? 

You can either book yourself in for a session on the Introlift website, or give them a call to discuss your options in more detail. 

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