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What I’ve Learned from Beauty Blogging

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Beauty blogging and vlogging seem to have taken on a life of their own.  I love trying new products so it’s a natural extension to write about them and share my experiences.  When I am considering a new product for myself, I certainly read and watch available reviews before making the commitment.  And I like to think I am doing the same for my own readers.

But surprisingly enough, in addition to sharing my thoughts and experiences, I’ve also learned from my own blogging process.

  • I find that now I use products more critically.  Before, I would just try something and then either toss or reallocate it if I didn’t like it.  Now I break the product down and decide what specifically I don’t like about it.  Or in reverse, if I fall instantly in love, what about it makes me like it so much.
  • I do even more research than before I started blogging.  I comb through online swatches, watch videos, read reviews, and shop around.  I especially try to find ones that seem to have similar skin type or skin tone as my own.
  • I think I’m more willing to try new products so that I can offer my feedback.  I don’t know if beauty companies read blogs and watch vlogs about their own products, but I sure would if I worked for one.  But I like to think that companies take feedback into consideration, and this is one forum to provide that feedback.
  • The whole process does have a slight downside – I’m even more eager to try new products which is not always good for the pocketbook.  I have subscribed to several beauty boxes over time and it can be a cost-efficient way to try new products with minimal commitment.

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