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What’s on Your Fashion Shopping List for Fall?

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It’s hard to believe that with the temperatures still soaring, fall is right around the corner.  All the stores in my area are already running back-to-school sales and the tax-free weekend is coming up.  While your shopping list may contain colored pencils and spiral notebooks, I’m curious what else it contains…  for you!

  • A new pair of petite-length gray slacks.  I fall into the awkward category of mostly ‘petite’ but certainly not ‘regular’.  Petite length slacks usually fall right at the break point of my ankle which makes them perfect for flats or loafers.  (I usually have to get regular length slacks hemmed.)  And the pair that I have been faithfully wearing for countless years have finally had enough.
  • A new pair of low-heeled nude wedges.  Again, I am apparently wearing these so often that the lining has given up completely.
  • Some pretty but work-appropriate hair accessories.  The longer my hair gets, the more it seems to get in my way at work.  I usually do very little with it because scrunchies just do not belong in the office, but some pretty clips might come in very handy.

In reviewing my shopping list, it seems that I am mostly replacing items that have seen better days.  Perhaps I need to review my closet and find something new to add just for fun!

I also have the intention of cleaning out some items as well.  I know I have items that just never seem to make it to the light of day and I think it’s high time that those items moved on to someone who will give them the love they deserve.  Or in the case of my work slacks that are just falling apart, it’s time for a proper burial.

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