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What To Do With Hand-Me-Down Clothes? And What Is Clothing Swap?

friends exchanging clothes

I recently received a very generous ‘donation’ of business suits from a colleague who was downsizing before moving.  I was ecstatic!  I knew that the clothing she was passing to me would be of considerably nicer quality than I normally buy for myself.  Now if they will only fit…

But it got me to thinking about hosting a clothing swap.  We all have clothes in our closets that are still in great shape but that no longer fit or we just do not wear.  There is a great fun way to move them along into a household that could better use them.

Have you heard of a clothing swap?  I had not until recently.  It is basically a gathering of like-minded friends who all have clothes that they are no longer interested in.  It is a great way to try on things that you might not be brave enough to actually pay for (red platform heels or a leopard print top).  And do not forget the accessories!  Scarves, belts, jewelry, purses, and even shoes can be included.

And make it a party!  Maybe ask everyone to contribute a snack or beverages.  Since you as the hostess might have a little cash outlay for clotheslines and such, having some assistance with the refreshments can come in handy.

Set the rules ahead of time.  Perhaps something like a White Elephant exchange, everyone takes a turn and an item can be “stolen” but only three times and then it is finished.  You want to give everyone the chance to get something they really want!

Just make sure that everything has been washed or dry cleaned, and that you are not contributing anything that you would not want to get from someone else.

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