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How To Create A Delicious Cheese Plate

Cheese plate with appetizers

One of my dietary enemies is cheese. I hate that I love it so much! I have even been known to build a mini cheese plate for lunch or dinner for myself. Now I just pick the ones I enjoy, but to build a truly great cheese plate for your party guests, you have to really think outside of the box (or pre-wrapped slices at the case maybe).

Top Three Tips For A Successful Cheese Plate

  1. Most cheeses fall into one of four different varieties: aged, soft, firm, and blue. Most successful cheese plates include one of each type.
  2. Set out a separate knife or serving utensil for each type so that the flavors do not mix.
  3. Serve your accompaniments on the side. Your cheese plate should include something to compliment the cheese such as honey, fruit compote, or pickles. But do make sure to serve them next to the cheese, not on top so that the guests can choose their flavor combinations.

Top Three Things To Avoid When Building Your Homage To Fromage

  1. Do not go overboard, or you can easily overwhelm your guests’ palettes. Four is the standard, but you could have up to five if you anticipate a large crowd.
  2. Do not leave the cheese in the refrigerator until the last minute. Setting it out about 30 minutes in advance will help bring out the natural and more subtle flavors of the cheeses you have chosen.
  3. Do not try to go it alone. If you primarily eat Velveeta and the pre-wrapped slices of American, have a conversation with the cheesemonger at your local market. Not only can they help you determine which kinds of cheese to include, but they can also walk you through the best-serving ideas as well.

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