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Answering My Own Makeup Questions

Woman applying eyeshadow

I have run into several makeup-related questions of my own recently and thought I would pass along my researched answers in case I’m not the only one who has been asking!

Do I Apply Cheek Stain Under Or Over My Foundation?
This was not the easy answer that I hoped to find!  Based on what I read and what I know of the products I have used myself, I would recommend applying the cheek stain first if you wear a sheer tinted moisturizer.  If you wear a heavier foundation, the cheek stain should probably be applied second so that you do not cover it all up.

How Do I Conceal Flaky Spots On My Skin?
While none of us want to walk around with super-oily skin, we really don’t want to walk around with dry flaky spots either.  Those are almost harder to conceal!  Most makeup ends up making them look worse.  The best solution I found was to mix creamy concealer with a dab of moisturizer and then gently pat the mixture into the skin.  You can set it with a touch of powder but go easy because powder can really highlight those flakes.

What The heck Is Nude Eyeliner For?
So I tend to use eyeliner to emphasize and flatter my eyes.  I was browsing online recently and came across nude eyeliner, and thought ‘what the heck?’.  Apparently, it can be used to highlight under the brow bone, to line the inner rims of your eyes to make them look bigger and yet still natural, or you can even use it to outline outside your lips to make them look plumper and to keep your gloss from creeping around.

Let me know if you have any other questions that I can help answer!

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