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How To build A Minimalist Professional Wardrobe

Women standing by her closet looking through clothes.

Now obviously a “professional” wardrobe varies based on your profession. A first-grade teacher dresses much differently than a bank executive. However, I plan to focus on traditionally business attire. Some minimalists might disagree with this list, but I prefer practical minimalism which is so much more manageable for most people. The most basic list includes:

  • One Work-Appropriate Bag – Make sure it’s sturdy enough to last and the right size to fit your needs. Personally, I don’t think it has to be a black or brown bag. This could easily be one of the items that brightens up the entire wardrobe if you choose a snazzy red or eye-catching plum.
  • Two Additional Skirts or Slacks – I would also stick with grey or black here as well. You want to make sure that these coordinate with both your footwear and your suit jacket.
  • A Suit of Your Choice – Stick to charcoal or black if you only have one. That way it will coordinate with everything else in your closet.
  • Two Pairs of Shoes – I know some might say that two is one too many, but I prefer at least one pair of flats or loafers, and one pair of heels or wedges.
  • Six Tops or Shells – Make sure that at least one of them is a crisp solid white. Other than that, let your personality shine. Mix up the color and the style so that you don’t look like you have the same outfit on every day.
  • One Cardigan – For more casual days or when your jacket may be in need of cleaning.
  • Accessories – Now you can really have some variety here. My necklaces and scarves do not adhere to minimalism but they take up so little space that it helps keep the clothing countdown.

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