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Create Your Own Wedding Emergency Kit

Beautiful bride getting ready in mirror

This little handy toolkit can be as big or as small as you need it to be. If you are packing it for yourself, keep in mind that if it can go wrong on the wedding day, plan accordingly. If you are packing it for someone else, think forward about what they would want or what they might panic about last-minute.

Here is an extensive, but by no means exhaustive, suggested list. You can buy pre-made kits but I think it is more fun to build your own. Some of these items may seem odd, but trust us, there is a reason for them.

Beauty – Consider everything from the scalp down and plan accordingly. You spend so much time and money getting ready for that one day, do not let a stray gray hair get in the way.

  • Hairspray, clear nail polish, nail file, brush or comb, hair pins, earring backs, tweezers, blotting papers, cotton swabs and/or pads, nail clippers

Bridal – What the bride might need to mend a last-minute panic attack or a sudden attack of teary eyes.

  • Drinking straws, pen, notepad, compact mirror, facial tissues

Fashion – Patch that hem or scuff those shoes, you will be ready. Keep your other half (and the groomsmen) in mind too!

  • Safety pins, lint roller, sewing kit, stain stick, sandpaper, wrinkle remover, super glue

Personal For everything else possible!

  • Band-Aids, antacid medicine, feminine products, pain reliever, deodorant, hand lotion, lip balm, breath mints or spray, extra underwear, extra hosiery

You would be surprised just how many brides need any one of these items on a daily basis. If you have something to add, just let us know! Or on the flip side, what did you need on your wedding day and did not have?

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