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Three Best Places to Eat in Brunei

Now is the best time to travel and enjoy the local flavors in South East Asia! When you find yourself in the sovereign state of Brunei, you’ll be surprised at the amount of great food that this small country on the north coast of Borneo has. To make sure you enjoy the local cuisine and flavors of Brunei, here are the three best places where you can eat when you get there:

Pondok Sari Wangi – This place started Brunei’s Ayem Penyet craze, and this is where you can get the best of the lot! This restaurant offers modern Indonesian and Chinese food along with some of Brunei’s specialties. Don’t miss out on their Ayam Rendang, beef ribs or Iga Penyet, Gado Gado, and Tauhu Telur. Their beef satay is made with Wagyu beef, so make sure to try that too.

Pasar Gandong – Every traveler enjoys having a lot of food for a cheaper price. At Pasar Gandong, you can enjoy a lot of food for only B$1. The Gandong District night market is where you would want to be for a taste of several local Brunei food at cheap prices. A lot of the items only cost one Brunei dollar and this meal would include rice, chicken, and the special local sauce. A lot of restaurants offer food at around six Brunei dollars per person. You can try local burgers and meat dishes, too!

Amina Arif – Just in the capital, Bandar Seri Begawan, this is the best place to get a taste of ambuyat. Ambuyat is a sticky and flavorless ball made of starch. It may sound boring when described this way, but I’ve heard you can dip it into many different kinds of dips like some fruit sauces to complement the base taste. This happens to be a signature dish in Brunei. Try it out as a snack or a dessert and you’ll definitely have a taste of their classic local cuisine. This place opens early enough for breakfast and stays open until dinner.

Make sure to check out these places and try out the recommended local food to have a taste of Brunei’s unique cuisine!

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