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How to Look Sexy without Showing Too Much Skin

Every woman would love to feel sexy. For me, being sexy doesn’t require wearing skimpy clothes or those which show too much skin. It’s more of a balance between what you wear and how you carry yourself. Men are visual creatures—it’s true—but you don’t always have to bear it all if you want to look sexy. Here are some tips to look sexy while still being decent and respectable:

In choosing revealing clothes, remember to balance it out. If you’re wearing a short skirt, tone down the skin exposure by wearing a long-sleeved top or a blazer. If you’re going to wear a fitting sleeveless top, don’t pair it with short shorts or a skirt! Choose a nice pair of jeans instead to cover up a bit. Think of balancing and not revealing everything at once. Leave some to imagination!

If you are well endowed in the chest area—shall we say if you are busty and that is your asset—choose a proper-fitting button-down top and leave the top button open. To bring attention to the area which just barely shows your bust, you can wear a necklace for a more captivating effect.

In the office, you can look sexy even while wearing a knee-length skirt and a long-sleeved top. Consider having a skirt with a slit on one side in front of your thigh—but nothing too high! About 2-3 inches would be enough.

Think of how your makeup makes you look. Smokey eyes make you look more seductive and mysterious. You can also go for a bold red lip for that sensual flair. It’s not always about the clothes you wear, really!

Remember to look sexy without looking trashy. If you are wearing a backless top, make sure you have an adhesive bra or something which is small and flattering for your top. If you are wearing a body con dress, you should wear a thong to have a more seamless outfit free of panty lines!

Keep in mind that sexy is a mix of attitude and looks. Find the right-fitting clothes and carry yourself with confidence. I’m sure you’ll be a head-turner if you just follow these tips!

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