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Best Fall Foods Low in Calories

There are so many low-calorie foods you may try for fall. It’s great if you have a garden full of healthy products. You may pick up fresh foods and enjoy their great taste. These foods are high in Vitamin A and C. You may get fiber, iron and potassium from the use of these low-calorie foods. However, if you don’t own a garden, you may purchase healthy foods from any grocery store.

1.    Low-Calorie Squash

You are provided with a great number of squash types, which are low calorie and healthy. You may prepare a delicious soup with acorn or butternut squash. Make a puree of roasted squash, nutmeg and cream. Add salt and pepper and enjoy. You may also prepare a pizza with zucchini and yellow squash. Your healthy and low-calorie meal is ready!

2.    Low-Calorie Pumpkins

You are advised to use pumpkins for fall. They are not only healthy, but also very tasty. Go for other ways of eating pumpkin. Instead of making a sauce with pumpkin, you may prepare a puree using small cubes of pumpkin and cinnamon. Just blend them into a dish of rice called risotto and enjoy your low-calorie and guilt-free dish.

3.    Low-Calorie Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potato is one of the nourishing foods, which is worth using. It only contains 90 calories, being beneficial for health. You may freely include sweet potatoes in your daily diet plan and enjoy its great taste. Put butter and cinnamon on the baked potatoes and eat it with fish. Chicken in a grilled form will also be very tasty with sweet potatoes. You may also add salt and pepper to this low-calorie dish and serve it.

4.    Low-Calorie Tomatoes

You may always purchase tomatoes, keep them in the fridge and use them for fall. It will be better if you pick up fresh tomatoes. Otherwise, you may go to the grocery store. Tomatoes contain only 10 calories and are very healthy. You may make a low-calorie salad using tomato, cucumber and mozzarella cheese. Garnish the salad with black pepper and vinegar of red wine. You may also go for a pasta sauce using low-calorie tomatoes.

5.    Low-Calorie Peppers

There are many pepper types: you may find banana peppers, jalapenos and many others. Peppers are one of the best low-calorie (less than 50 calories) foods for fall. You may prepare a delicious salad with the bell pepper. It will give your salad a piquant smell. Otherwise, serve sliced peppers either with rice or sausage. Garnish it with tomato sauce. For salsa you will need jalapenos, tomatoes and onions. Salt and pepper will make the taste of your salsa even more delicious. Banana peppers will be great for making sandwiches.

6.    Low-Calorie Corns

Corns are so tasty and low-calorie (under 60 calories). Put a little butter on the corn and add salt and pepper. Spatter Parmesan cheese on the corn and it will make your corn tastier. Finally, you should grill it and serve. You may also prepare a tasty salad with tomatoes, avocado and black beans.

7.    Low-Calorie Apples

Saying fall fruits, we first remember apples. They are great for snacks, but you may prepare lots of tasty things with them. Apples are not only beneficial for health, but they are also low-calorie (90 calories). You may put sliced apples (instead of jelly) and peanut butter on your sandwich. You may also mix diced apples, cinnamon and water and cook something very delicious.

Go for these best fall foods low in calories and be healthy and young.

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