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Tips for Wearing Blue Lipstick

Blue color is the trend of this season. Thus, you may apply a blue lipstick on your lips and look trendy. However, few women dare to wear this shade. They consider it a bold and an extremely eye-catching tone. Nevertheless, blue lipstick is worth trying, as it will make your makeup eye-catching and chic.

Blue lipstick is ideal for those women, who don’t feel comfortable in other shades or they are just tired of wearing red or pink lipsticks. There are many first-class stylists, who apply this glamorous shade on such celebrities as Rihanna, Selena Gomez and many others.

To create a softer tone, you may blend blue and cooler shades together. Blue lipstick appears in various shades, so you may pick up the most suitable for you and feel intrepid and confident.

  • Pick up a blue outfit and pair it with your blue lipstick. For a screaming look, you may add a gloss to your blue lipstick and match it with your blue eye shadow.
  • For an outstanding look, you may match your blue lips (you had better go for a royal blue lipstick) with your black or brown outfits. You will surely draw great attention.
  • If you are not into a bold look, then you may opt for a blue lipstick in a light tone. This shade will provide you with a younger and softer look.
  • In case you have a fair skin, you are advised to go for a light blue lipstick. You will look cute and chic, giving a final touch to your makeup.
  • For a prom night, the neon blue lipstick will be the best choice. You will dazzle everyone with your sparkling lips.
  • You may also experiment with a lipstick, combining blue and purple shades. Your extraordinary and thrilling look is achieved!
  • To get a fashionable look, you may try the dark blue lipstick. Apply it on your lips and get an eccentric and tricky look.

So, go for changes and experiment with amazing blue lipsticks on special occasions.

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