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Decor Trend: Gallery Walls for Your Home

Gallery Wall with quote

Everybody wants their home to look like a work of art, and with this new trend in home décor people are one step closer. Gallery walls are typically seen in art galleries or museums, and putting one in your home will add an element of class to any room. They make a great focal point in any room and give you the opportunity to choose what elements or colors you want to highlight in the room by having prints or artwork that bring everything together.

Gallery wall with pineappale
Elemenopee Design/

They’re the perfect solution when you just can’t settle on one print to decorate your room—why have one when you can have them all! Mix and match prints, photographs, paintings, or any work that you love and want to display. Get creative by finding a bunch of different styles of frame, or keep a crisp gallery feeling by sticking with nice plain white or black. This collection of art will be the perfect statement piece in any room that needs a little redecorating, and they’re a great way to show off your personality and personal taste.

On a less permanent basis, they’re also a great way to decorate for special occasions like birthdays or bridal showers. Having some cute prints with meaningful quotes scattered in among pictures of the man or lady of honor, or with cute pictures of the bride-to-be and her maids is the perfect way to show your friends or family that you care.

Gallery Wall with quote
Elemenopee Design/

It’s also the perfect way to decorate dorm rooms for anyone you know who’s going off to university or college. It’s a great way to make good use of small space by grouping all of your favourite pictures together! Make a gift of it and buy a few coordinating prints, and to do it on the cheap just find some inexpensive frames at your local dollar store.

If you need some inspiration, take a look on Etsy and browse all the cute print shops, or even search for the tags gallery wall, gallery wall art, or gallery wall prints to see all the possibilities! So get creative and get decorating!

Gallery wall with van print
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